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Waterproof Shoes for Dogs
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Dog Chew Brush

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Dog Tooth Brush

 Most pet parents face the issue of their dog chewing furniture, wires, tearing clothes, among others. 

This is where our Chew Brush come into the picture. Chew toys are designed to help your dogs with their chewing and teething needs.

Chew toy for a dog is one of the best buys for dog toys. This saves your furniture from getting damaged and also protects your dog from toxic materials entering their stomach. 

This Chew Brush works well with paste or without a paste

  • Squeaky sounds: The squeaky toy makes squeaky sounds when your dog chews on it. The squeaky sounds entice them to play with the toy. Dogs also find the squeaky sounds fun. 

  • Chewing companion: The toy is for your dogs chewing needs. It soothes them and keeps them from destroying all your furniture. 

  • Natural Rubber: Your dog needs to chew on something safe. If the toy is not made of safe materials, it can make your dog sick, upset their stomach or any other problems. Natural rubber in this toy is safe to chew on. This way, you can ensure your dog is safe. 

  • Tooth cleaning toy: When your dog chews on the toy, it cleans its teeth and keeps its jaw strong

Keeps your Dog Calm :

The toy has many dental benefits in dogs as well as puppies. It helps teething puppies calm their chewing needs. Aggressive dogs can also be a nuisance for pet parents. They tend to chew on furniture, tear clothes, of many other things. The toy helps calm their aggressive behaviour by providing them with the necessary stimulus and exercise.

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Rs. 1,000.00 Rs. 970.00
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